Who Are We

Our History...

OAHE, Inc., a nationally accredited private non-profit community-based agency, has been providing supports and services to persons with developmental disabilities since 1982. The agency started as a group of concerned parents and guardians coming together to search out available services for those individuals in their care. Today the agency provides a wide range of supports in the areas of: employment services, living services, professional services, support services, and total service coordination. Many people have passed through our doors and are now active members of the community.

Over the past few years, we have focused on financial stability; quality assurance and staff development.

Over the years, even with the cuts we have received from our daily rates, we have become financially stable by paying off a mortgage in early 2014 and having money set aside for an emergency.

Over the past five years, we have developed various tools to assist us to define quality and measure our performance. Some of these tools use observation and record reviews to measure our performance against the standards. Other tools are used to gather information from our core stakeholders. We also incorporated person centered tools to assist us in problem solving and developing plans of action.

Training has become part of the culture at Oahe, Inc. We hold staff meetings on a monthly basis so that we have the opportunity to review information and to train on specific topics. We provide instruction on general topic areas to all employees such as positive behavior support. In addition, we have designed topic specific review and training for employees who may be struggling in an area of their job. Our goal is to provide the tools, knowledge and feedback so that an employee can do their job.

We are currently focusing on growing and diversify our services. We have increased the number of the people that we support from the 64 we were at five years ago to 80+ today. We are currently exploring what services we offer to our community. This includes offering representative payee services and childcare, for example.
OAHE, Inc.
125 W Pleasant Dr. Suite #1
Pierre, SD 57501

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fax (605) 224-9619

Oahe Inc., in Pierre South Dakota, is a nonprofit agency that serves a mission of helping adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We provide opportunities for the intellectual and developmentally disable adults to be a part of their community through our Day Service programs, one on one case management, employment coaching, and at home supports. We also provide medical equipment leasing opportunities and financial services, such as representative payee, trust management, and Veteran Affairs Fiduciary, to the public who are in need of some assistance. Designed and Hosted by The Gage Team