Mission & Values

The mission of OAHE, Inc. is to assist people to dream, plan, believe and achieve.

We all are people, with our own individuality, uniqueness, strengths and needs. People supported by OAHE, Inc. are entitled to respect for who they are. Our work centers around helping people identify and achieve their own goals for their life.

We work with people to focus on their strengths, dreams, interests, preferences and abilities, rather than limitations; we work with them to develop careers and lifestyles based on their choices. We do not accept limitations of whats practical or reasonable, but understand that if you think you can or think you can't, you're right.

We support people in community settings. We work to help people establish their own connections in the community, to rely on themselves, friends, co-workers, classmates, congregation members, etc., in interdependence, rather than on agency staff. Our goal is to fade every agency support. We are not care-takers; we are bridge-builders (Pat Rogan).

We recognize the need for the comfort and safety of the people we serve. We believe in the dignity of risk, that all people have the right to learn and grow through taking considered risks, the right to fail and try again, the right to choice. We realize that life is not risk-free for anyone.

We are committed to the highest possible standards of excellence. We evaluate ourselves based on whether people we support are meeting their own goals in their lives and work. Our staff are competent, professional, well-trained, and positive. We recognize that investment in staff development and motivation is the key to success in our mission. We believe in teamwork, and in the value of the contribution of every member of the organization.

We constantly strive for excellence, to remain at the cutting edge of best practices in our field. We will never be satisfied with things as they've always been done, but embrace continual change and progress as essential for the staff and agency, as well as for the people we serve. We try to think beyond the box.

The illiterate of the future will not be the person who cannot read; it will be the person who cannot learn (Alvin Toffler). Our life work is to learn and to develop as fully as possible the person we can be.

OAHE, Inc.
125 W Pleasant Dr. Suite #1
Pierre, SD 57501

(605) 224-4501
fax (605) 224-9619

Oahe Inc., in Pierre South Dakota, is a nonprofit agency that serves a mission of helping adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We provide opportunities for the intellectual and developmentally disable adults to be a part of their community through our Day Service programs, one on one case management, employment coaching, and at home supports. We also provide medical equipment leasing opportunities and financial services, such as representative payee, trust management, and Veteran Affairs Fiduciary, to the public who are in need of some assistance. Designed and Hosted by The Gage Team