Developmental Disability Services

Our focus is on offering a full range of services that allow people with physical or developmental disabilities the ability and knowledge to live a full, rewarding, and productive life. Our Services are designed to help our community members with the basic activities of daily living that allow people to lead more independent lives.

The supports that Oahe Inc. provides are designed for a specific individual. Some examples of services provided include:


Whether someone lives on their own, with family, or with roommates, we can assist with daily activities. This may include assistance with personal care, cleaning, meal preparation, medication administration and supervision.


We assist people to identify jobs they may be interested in, complete applications, and prepare for the interview process. After the hiring process has been completed, Oahe Inc. continues to assist individuals with job training and job coaching. We also assist people to start and operate their own businesses.

In addition, Oahe Inc. employs people supported for shredding, office tasks, and janitorial responsibilities. If you are interest in hiring Oahe Inc. to complete a job (mailings,etc), volunteer opportunities, or community opportunities, please contact us.

Alternative/ Day Service

Oahe Inc. is proud to offer three Day Service Centers that provide opportunities for a variety of activities that incorporate job skills, life skills, computers, reading, math and financial skills, fitness and exercise, healthful eating, basic cooking, volunteer opportunities, short term employment opportunities, and lots of fun and laughter.

Through activities offered, Day Services focus on:
  • Education
  • Volunteering
  • Having fun

Health Care Coordination

We provide assistance with scheduling and attending medical appointments, administering medication, and managing dietary needs and preferences.

Case Management

Our Case Management team helps specify the type of services and support each of our individuals need and desire. We actively meet with the person supported along with those active in their life to discuss their hopes, dreams, and goals. A plan is then developed that outlines how we will assist them to reach their goals. Our Case Management team benchmarks their progress and offers assistance along the way.

Application for Services

If you are interested in services, please fill out the application form to get started.

Schedule a Tour:

If you or a loved one is interested in services, schedule a tour to see our facilities, meet our staff, and ask questions.

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Oahe Inc., in Pierre South Dakota, is a nonprofit agency that serves a mission of helping adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We provide opportunities for the intellectual and developmentally disable adults to be a part of their community through our Day Service programs, one on one case management, employment coaching, and at home supports. We also provide medical equipment leasing opportunities and financial services, such as representative payee, trust management, and Veteran Affairs Fiduciary, to the public who are in need of some assistance. Designed and Hosted by The Gage Team