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Company: Volunteer
Location: Pierre, SD
Posted: 09/27/2017
Category: Volunteer
Job Description
OAHE, Inc. actively seeks and encourages volunteers.

Become a friend to someone. Go out for coffee, grab a bite to eat, take in a movie, go shopping together, and/or attend concerts or plays. Genuinely care about another and do what you can to improve things in their lives.

After you have become a friend with someone, you may consider becoming an advocate for him/her. In this role, you would assist the person to speak up for him/herself. You will be involved with planning goals, celebrating successes and communicating any concerns.

Day Services
Spend time with others during the day to learn new skills, pursue a hobby, teach basic skills such as reading, math or how to balance a checkbook, visit museums, or picnic in the park, go fishing and hunting with someone. These opportunities can be 1 on 1 or in small groups.

Job Coach
Teach someone about how to do a job, keep a job, how to get to work, how to dress for success, how to talk to a boss and speaking up for themselves. The goal is to assist them to be competitively employed.

Assist the agency by answering phones, help with filing, painting, small repairs, gardening, or doing some light cleaning.

Job Requirements
A big heart and a positive attitude!

Contact Information
Oahe, Inc
125 W Pleasant Dr. Suite #1
Pierre, SD 57501
OAHE, Inc.
125 W Pleasant Dr. Suite #1
Pierre, SD 57501

(605) 224-4501
fax (605) 224-9619

Oahe Inc., in Pierre South Dakota, is a nonprofit agency that serves a mission of helping adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We provide opportunities for the intellectual and developmentally disable adults to be a part of their community through our Day Service programs, one on one case management, employment coaching, and at home supports. We also provide medical equipment leasing opportunities and financial services, such as representative payee, trust management, and Veteran Affairs Fiduciary, to the public who are in need of some assistance. Designed and Hosted by The Gage Team